How to Remove a Watermark from an Image

If You Have To.

The logo a producer or specific organization superimposes on a photo or review to prevent anyone from replicating it is referred to as watermark. While generally the reason that a watermark is there is to prevent unauthorized distribution, there are situations where you can’t access the original file and you might be forced to try and use the watermarked version.

Let’s take a look at some steps on how to remove watermark from image online using the following online photo watermark removers.


WebInpaint is a popular and reliable online watermark remover for getting rid of watermark from images online with no need for any additional installation. Simply upload the image in the website and then feature the region of the watermark. When you select the required area, tap on the run catch and place the watermark once it’s handled. It is easy and straightforward to utilize, and it won’t matter whether you’re using it for the first time. The bottom line is that it provides the best watermark removal results. Here are the detailed steps on removing watermark from photos using Web-inpaint.

Step1 – Upload the image

First, go to the official site of Web-inpaint. Then, click on “Upload image” to upload watermarked image or simply drag the file and drop it for editing.

Step2 – Highlight the logo

Next, identify the logo eraser. Then, go to the main interface of the tool, on the left-hand side and click on the icon, “red circle” and the logo you want to remove will be highlighted. Now, for full removal, click on the “Erase” button and get rid of it.

Step3 – Download to save the photo

After successfully erasing the logo, go to the “Download” button at the upper right side of the interface and click it to download. Then, the image file will be saved on the download folder of your device. Know that to download the watermark-free photo; you are required to pay.

Pixlr Editor

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