Choosing a Domain Name: Things You Should Consider

When it comes to online business, choosing the right domain name is a crucial part of the process. In fact, it may well be the very first thing that you do before going live to the public. This article aims to help you with that process and provides some things that you should consider while choosing the perfect domain name. Click here to get coupons for domain names and hosting plans. You can also use discount codes to help you when your domain renews.

1. Think about which name represents your business the best

Remember that it’s ideal to have a name that represents your business that can be used everywhere online. The closer the name of your business is to the domain name you choose, the better it’s likely to work for you. This also means that you can be consistent across social and the other ways that you want to market online and that gives customers the best chance of finding you.

You should do a search first to make sure that the domain name and usernames that you would like (or at least close to them) are available and that it’s not close to names of another business, especially one that you would not want to be associated with!

2. Consider SEO ahead of being catchy

Sometimes the domain name that you choose might dictate the name of your business. When going through this process, choosing a catchy name should not be your primary motive. This is because customers will find you based on what they search for. Therefore, it’s a smarter idea to choose your domain based on search traffic.

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3. Ensure your brand will not be confused with another one

It’s important to give your domain name a lot of thought before you select it rather than jumping to the first name you think of. First, you should check if anyone else has registered the name under any of the various domain name options. Ideally, you don’t …